About HHP

Established since 1999, Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Company Limited (HHPCL) is a leading healthcare company with core focus in promoting holistic health and fitness with the approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With high reputation in clinic treatment, beauty & slimming services and health supplement, HHPCL has become a household brand in HongKong.

Our Philosophy

「Being renowned for handling curative therapy on different kinds of pathological diseases, we take a step further in promoting a concept of “Prevention is Better than a Cure”. We aim to raise the public awareness on the term of “Sub-Health” which means to nurse the impaired health before the illness to break out.

One Stop Health Management

Our service has extend from clinic treatment to beauty & slimming services, hair management center, and developing health supplement, HHPCL has become a leading brand in Hong Kong.

TCM Center

Harmonic Health Medical Centre provides a one-stop Traditional Chinese Medical Service, including general consultation, gynaecology, male, children, orthopaedic, acupuncture, etc..