Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical is set up with the purpose of bringing the health of each customer to the balance condition. We put all the efforts in researching and developing natural and pure Chinese medical & herbal health food and functional products throughout the years.

Health Supplement

We have always believed in the wisdom of mankind since ancient times brought together a little bit by bit, especially the Chinese herbal or herbal application and research is more profound. We develop a series of both effective and natural health care products.

Chinese Herbs

Guangdongnese have been developed a diet habit of drinking double-stewed soup as we knew it does help in health preservation. Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has launched different Chinese herbal soup packs to meet the market needs. We have also develop a collection of functional health supplement, healthy food, skin care with qualified quality.

Other Brands


MEDICOX was established in France where with a thousand names renowned for its beauty, refinement and technology in year 2008.
We lead the concepts of stem cells as well as cosmetology in fields of gene and nerve in nursing the products, and draw the treasures of natures from innovative processes to the exceptional formulas, developing a perfect combination for perfect collections to people with different skin types.

Products of MEDICOX are developed under the philosophy of “Defense, Repair and Rejuvenate”. Skincare should be equipped with the functions of anti-aging, repair and rejuvenation at a molecular level, ultimately rebuilding the skin structure for an ever youthful-looking skin.


By 1999, the series of Karntien’s products were born. We implement the principle of ‘Achieving Vigor and Grace Comprehensively’ all along. All of our products are extracted and purified from natural Chinese herbal medicine, bringing remarkable curative effect with no side effects.

All of the products are extracted from the quality Chinese herbs which can boost the rate of metabolism to remove and eliminate extra fats inside the body. Afterwards, Karntien Lingzhi Spores and Lingzhi Spores with Cordyceps are introduced as the health supplement, so people will look brilliant from the inside out after taking our products.
In 2013, Karntien moved the manufactory to Malaysia for a higher quality control. Also, all Karntien has passed through a series of tests to prove its safeness.


An Australian Brand with gentle formula, with natural formula, it provides the best skin solution to all.


Launched at 2015, focusing on an all-round caring for women. It has been awarded with Sisters Beauty Pro Award in 2015 & 2016 for it profound quality.


Lalisse is originated from Australia and has been established for over 10 years. Current product ranges are focusing on natural herbal formulae in skin care preparations for various problem skin conditions. With its own extensive Research and Development laboratory, Lalisse also takes the science of skin seriously. Our research is drawn from the expertise of some of the finest cosmetic scientists. We combine the advance skin care applications with traditional oriental formulae to bring you the new experiences of the Power of Nature that actually works!


Talia believes in clean products made with the finest ingredients to repair and maintain beautiful skin for today and the future. We strive to meet all skincare needs through progress and innovation. We are revolutionizing the luxury skincare industry through unrivaled clean formulas and exclusive botanical blends as alternatives to synthetic ingredients, that work in perfect harmony with natural skin processes and that can be safely metabolized by the body.


Founded with more than 60 years of history, China Tea is committed to providing consumers with traditional, ecological and safe tea products and services.
China Tea has controlled quality tea source, and has provided natural, green, healthy, safe and quality raw materials for tea production, safeguarding the excellence of product quality.


An Australian famous brand with a wide variety of skin care product providing a solution for every skin issue. It includes papaw onitment, lanolin cream, emui oil cream, goat soap etc.