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Meridian Acupressure


Applying pressure to different pressure points and lymph node to stimulate the blood circulation and promote longevity.

Oriental Secret Special Treatment

Base on the concepts of five elements: GOLD, WOOD, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, we developed 5 sets of treatment for balancing and hormonizing your functioning of five organs.

Ginger Moxibustion Treatment


A combination of massage and traditional Chinese medical moxibustion therapy, we developed a Ginger Moxibustion treatment for relieving pain, combing and unblocking the meridian system. Significantly alleviates pain and muscle soreness.

Black Magnetic Meridian Treatment


Targeting at waist area for promoting liver and kidney health, and removing toxins. Mainly for treating menstrual problem, waist and back pain, over-weight etc.

Shengque Thermal Treatment


With unique massage method, it unblocks the meridian syStem while remove toxins. Through navel candle therapy at Shengque point, along with special massage means in tummy area, it stimulates blood circulation and mitigate the problem for cold tummy.

Bamboo Massage Treatment


Bamboo can help remove heat and toxins inside the body. With special massage techniques, this treatment aims at clearing toxins and helps back flattening, body firming, breast lifting.

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